This page is a resource for all of my constituents to stay updated on my legislative agenda. Click on the issue area you’re interested in to see which orders I’ve brought before the Council. Click the individual links to read specific orders, and see updates on their progress through the City’s legislative process. Policy orders where I was the lead sponsor are marked with a star*.

Affordable Housing

Housing Choice Designation

Housing Graphic or Flow Chart

Affordable Housing Week of Action*

Inter-generational Housing*

Request for Data from the Human Rights Commission

Follow-Up Request for Data from the Human Rights Commission

Inclusionary Unit Bias Surveys*

Creating an Inclusionary Unit Tenants' Association*

Eviction Outcomes Data-Sharing with Legal Services Providers

Follow-Up on Affordable Housing Funding Concerns

Affordable Housing Overlay Workshops*

FY2020 Funding for Tenant Displacement Task Force Recommendations

Increasing Funding to the City's Homebridge Program

Asking Landlords for Housing Relief during COVID-19

100% Affordable Housing Overlay Petition

Including Tenants in City Notices

Reforming the Neighborhood Conservation District Study Process*

Creating an Outreach Campaign on the Cambridge Eviction Moratorium and Tenants' Resources*

Analyzing Eviction Data to Create a Data-Driven Response

Requesting an Update on the City-Owned Vacant Properties Inventory*

Creating Onsite Vaccination Clinics at Affordable Housing Sites

Documenting Affordable Housing Projects 

Discussing the Housing Choice Law*

Increasing Equity in the Housing Application Process

Updating Affordable Homeownership Programs to Promote Equity*

Understanding the Impact of the Housing Choice Law

Learning More about the Missing Middle Housing Petition*

Enhancing Flexibility in Affordable Housing during Shoulder Seasons*

Adding Housing Above the Central Square Library

Creating a Condominium Conversion Ordinance

Consider All Multi-Family Housing on the Market for Purchase for Affordable Housing Buildings

Incentive Zoning Program Data*

Amend Incentive Zoning* 

Review the 30,000 Sq Ft Amendment*

Implement WH-STA Zones

Enable Legislation for a Real Estate Transfer Fee

Use 333 Webster Avenue to Address Envision Goals

Arts, Culture, and Central Square

Central Square Business Improvement District (BID)*

Arts Overlay District*

Commissioning a Public Art Piece to Celebrate the Passage of the 19th Amendment*

Reevaluating Summer Block Party Fees

Establishing a Women's Suffrage Arts Commission*

Allocation of Hotel/Motel and Adult Use Cannabis Tax Revenue for the Arts*, recommendation of the Arts Task Force

Establishing the Central Square Improvement Fund*, recommendation of the Arts Task Force

Updating the Percent for Art Ordinance*, recommendation of the Arts Task Force

Arts Organization and Funding Inventory*recommendation of the Arts Task Force

Asphalt Repair in Central Square

Update on Acoustic Music Performance Without a License

Creating an "Arts Liaison"*, recommendation of the Arts Task Force

"Arts-Friendly" Licensing Website*, recommendation of the Arts Task Force

You can read the Mayor's Arts Task Force Final Report in its entirety below:

Arts Task Force Final Report

Employing a Social Worker in the Central Square Library*

Creating the Director of Culture and Arts Position*

Supporting Small Business and the Arts through Tourism*

Creating an Arts Recovery Advisory Committee*

Performing an Equity Audit on the Cambridge Arts Council*

Preparing Draft Language Allowing Performances without a License*

Commissioning a Public Art Piece Acknowledging Women of Color's Role in the Suffrage Movement

Allowing Live Acoustic Performances Without a Permit

Revitalize Central Square*

Pride Month

Honoring Peter Valentine

Make Starlight Square Permanent

Civic Unity

Support Continuing TPS for Salvadoran Immigrants

Autism Awareness Day

Citizens' Academy*

Women's Suffrage Celebration*

Youth Town Hall Meeting

Domestic Violence Awareness Month*

Honoring Fallen Firefighters*

Armistice Day Centennial Bell Ringing

Designating Cambridge a Purple Heart City

Opposition to FCC Proposed Rule and Ensuring Funding for CCTV*

Public Discussion of 100 Years of Women's Suffrage

Gender Neutral City Website

Gender X Option on Cambridge Birth Certificates

Committing to be a Start By Believing Community

Welcoming Community Ordinance

Drafting Language for the Welcoming Community Ordinance

Celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day and Hispanic Heritage Month

Recognizing May as Mental Health Awareness Month

Creating a Memorial for COVID-19 Victims

Flying Flags at Half-Staff for COVID-19 Victims

Funding Anti-Racist Free Little Libraries

Identifying and Removing Racism in City Government

Observing Juneteenth

Expanding Domestic Partnerships to Relationships of More Than Two People

Support for the Rise Campaign at MIT

Supporting a Letter Demanding School Action on Anti-Asian Racism

Determining the Impact of the "Executive Order on Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping"

Condemning Inhumane Treatment at Immigrant Detention Centers

Providing Interpreters at Polling Locations

Supporting Harvard Janitors

Exploring Options for Charter Review

Redesigning Cambridge Voting Stickers

Honoring Lives Lost from COVID

Standing in Solidarity with the AAPI Community

Celebrating Autism Acceptance Month

Reaffirming Support for Trans Youth

Diversifying Boards and Commissions

Recognizing Mental Health Awareness Month

Celebrating Pride Month

Support for the MIT Graduate Student Union

Create a Uniform Process for Refugees Resettling in Cambridge

Expand Election Reminder Postcards*

Celebrate Black History Month 2022

City Manager Report on Boards & Commissions* 

Code Red Text Alerts for Elections*

Complete Streets & Transit Access

Pedestrian "ALL WALK" Signal*

Cambridge Street Bike Lanes Working Group*

Inman Square Parking Pilot*

Navigational Device Impacts and Capabilities

Installing a "No Trucks" Sign on Hancock Street*

Reevaluating Parking Violation Fines*

Opposition to MBTA Fare Increase

Council Feedback on the MBTA Better Bus Program

Central Square MBTA Accessibility Concerns

Intersection at Prospect and Broadway*

Cambridge Association of Taxi Drivers Home Rule Petition

Ridehail Count Data Collection*

Increase Bus Service on Concord Ave

Opening Harvard Square for Pedestrians

Delaying Trash Collection near the Tobin Montessori and Vassal Lane Upper Schools

Creating a Fare-Free Bus Pilot Program*

Adding Separate Bus and Protected Bike Lanes on Massachusetts Avenue

Cycling Safety Ordinance

Closing Certain City Streets to Non-Essential Vehicular Traffic during COVID-19

Pedestrianizing Harvard Square

Drafting a Truck Safety Ordinance

Implementing Traffic-Calming Measures at Fairfield and Pemberton Streets

Enhancing Safety Near Memorial Drive & DeWolfe Street*

Applying for Grants to Re-Imagine Streets & Public Spaces

Planning for Traffic Congestion in Alewife

Support for CTAC’s #47 Bus Route Proposal*

Huron Ave & Grove Street Traffic Safety Improvements

Mass Ave Bridge Bike Safety

Create a Spending Plan for the GLX Rebate

Street Safety in front of CRLS on Broadway

Safety Improvements to Broadway @ Highland Ave.*

"Watch for Bikes" Stickers*

Covered Bike Racks*

Increase Street Closures for Pedestrian Traffic in Harvard Square

Free Bus Service & E-bike Delivery Program

Review & Revise the Cambridge Street Code

Regulate Resident Parking Permit Program for Car Sharing Services*

Ban Turns on Red Citywide*

Join MBTA Pass Pilot Program for City Employees

Revise the MBTA Bus Redesign Proposal

Bike Lights for All

Lower Speed Limits on State Highways in Cambridge

Economic Development

Marijuana Dispensary Information*

Adult Use Update

Opportunity Zone Designations

Vacant Properties Inventory*

Arts Overlay District*

Vacant Storefront Upkeep

Social Equity in Cannabis Regulations 

Vacant Storefront Report Update

Inman Square Business Impact Plan

Further Recommendations for a City-Based Cannabis Social Equity Program

Planning for Small Business Saturday*

Table of Use Update*

Expediting the Zoning Process to Implement the City's Retail Strategy Report

Citywide Workforce Development Consortium 

Vacant Storefront Registration Policy

Supporting the Harvard Graduate Students Union's Demands for a Fair Contract

Supporting Small Business and the Arts through Tourism*

Asking for an Update on the Vacant Storefront Registration Policy*

Creating a Small Business Recovery Advisory Committee

Creating a Streamlined Re-Opening Process for Restaurants after COVID-19

Capping the Commission Fees Third-Party Food Delivery Services can Charge Restaurants during COVID-19

Planning for Small Business Recovery*

Small Business Recovery Advisory Committee Update

Preserving Commercial Space

Supporting Extended Outdoor Dining*

Creating a Black and Brown-Owned Businesses Task Force

Conducting a Spending Disparity Study* 

Waiving Business Fees

Adding Diverse Business Data to the City’s Open Data Portal*

Promoting National Black Business Month and Women's Small Business Month

Planning for and Supporting Outdoor Dining*

Updating the Retail Table of Land Use*

Learning More about License & Permit Fees

Create a Jobs Creation Trust

Wage Theft Ordinance

Legal Opinion on Tiered Linkage Fee System

Purchase Property from Lesley University

Environment & Energy
Neighborhood Advocacy
Public Safety

Planning for Improvements to the City's Firehouses

Reducing Violence in The Port

Preparations for Safe Summer 2019

Food Allergens in Public Parks

Supporting Police and Fire Budget*

Kendall Square Fire Station Feasibility*

Human Services Hearing re: Cambridge Health Alliance

Update on Cambridge Cadet Program

Human Services Hearing re: the Opioid Working Group's Progress

Vaping and E-Cigarette Advertising Restrictions*

Protecting Municipal Workers and the Public

Security in CHA Buildings

Creating a Fire Cadet Program*

Update on the Police Dashboard*

Purchasing Autism Sensory Bags for Police Vehicles*

Executing a Stay at Home Order During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Instituting Stricter Public Health Guidelines to Protect our Frontline Workers*

Encouraging Resource Sharing between Local Hospitals*

Requiring the Use of Masks When Outside of the Home during COVID-19

Opening City Buildings for Summer Cooling

Scheduling a Hearing on Body Cameras

Declaring Racism as a Public Health Crisis

Making All Collective Bargaining Agreements Available Online

Mobile Testing for Students, School Staff, and Families

Creating a Co-Response Alternative Policing Model*

Making the COVID-19 Expert Advisory Board's Meeting Notes Public*

Receiving an Update on Police Patrol Officers' Union Contract Negotiations*

Requesting a Report on Civil Service/Sole Assessment Center Processes*

Creating a Wastewater Testing Pilot Program for COVID-19 Evidence

Appointing a COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force

Creating an Antibody Testing Program

Expanding COVID Testing

Temporarily Restricting High-Risk Indoor Activities

Launching Mobile COVID Testing Vans  

Drafting Home Rule Petition Language for a Fire Cadet Program*

Creating Mobile Vaccine Clinics*

Educating Residents on the Police Complaint Process

Addressing Gun Violence

Vaccinating City Staff

Indoor Mask Mandate Metrics

Report Pedestrian and Cyclist Collisions in Real Time*

Reconvene the COVID19 Expert Advisory Panel

At-Home Rapid Testing Kits for Highest Need Individuals

Expand COVID19 Testing Hours in January & February

Prepare for a Possible Monkeypox Outbreak

Gift Cards for Vaccines Pilot*

Body Cameras for Police

Procedural Justice Dashboard*

Third-Party Review for Cambridge Police Department

Wrap-Around Services

Relocation of District Court back to Cambridge

Join National Lawsuit Against Opioid Manufacturers 

Endorsing Family Engagement

Domestic Violence Victims Grant Program*

Cambridge Human Rights Commission Feedback Mechanism

Preserving Space for Non-Profits at 99 Bishop Allen Drive

Funding for Additional Summer Food Sites*

Mitigating a Prolonged Government Shutdown

Requesting the City to Organize a CORI Clinic

Increasing Accessibility for the Deaf Community*

Providing Guidance to 808-812 Memorial Drive Tenants

Asking the Attorney General to Report on Phone Scams and Fraud in Massachusetts*

Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. through Acts of Service*

Creating “Volunteer Income Tax Assistance and Earned Income Tax Credit Awareness Day"

Designating the Council Aide Position as Full-Time

Expanding the Head Start Program Hours and Scholarships

Eliminating Late Fines in Cambridge Public Libraries

Supporting Homeless Residents during the COVID-19 Outbreak

Supporting Harvard Graduate Students during COVID-19

Getting Physical Library Materials to Students during COVID-19*

Requesting an Update on Digital Equity Efforts

Extending Funding for the Homeless Meals Program

Creating a Day Services Center for Unhoused Residents

Creating Mobile Library Checkout Sites*

Opening Fresh Pond Golf Course for General Use

Partnering with Harvard to Extend Y2Y Funding

Calling for Judge Roanne Sragow to be Reinstated in Cambridge

Supporting Food Pantries & Closing the SNAP Gap*

Providing an Overview on Services for Unhoused Residents

Implementing Universal Pre-K

Making a Permanent Remote Participation Option for Public Meetings

Implementing Digital Equity Recommendations

Leveraging Federal Funds for Digital Equity

Expediting the Libraries’ Reopening*

Learning More about American Rescue Plan Funds

Expanding Services at the Senior Centers*

Learning More about Fall Afterschool Programs*

Allowing Post-Op Pet Care in Residences

Implementing a Permanent Remote Work Option*

Offering Stipends to Board and Commission Members

Funding Friday Night Hype*

Supporting the Massachusetts Schoolchildren Pesticide Protection Act

Affirming Reproductive Freedom

DHSP Report on Specific Changes in Programming for the 2021-22 School Year

Language Access Program

Prioritizing Cambridge Residents for Building Pathways*

Find a Home for the Cambridge Synchronized Swimming Team*

Fair Contracts for Harvard Workers 32BJ SEIU

Teen Mental Health Intervention

Create a Comprehensive & Accessible List of Violence Prevention Programs*

Enable Cambridge Police and Department of Public Works to Donate Abandoned Bicycles*

Support for MIT GSU

Expand Cambridge RISE

Free Charlie Cards for CRLS Students

205 Western Avenue*

Youth Center Extended Hours Summer Pilot*

LGBTQ+ Friendly Housing

Re-establish Kate's Cafe

Create a dedicated Executive Director for the LGBTQ Commission*

Improve City Field Conditions*

Reopen the Cambridge Birthing Center

Receive Law Opinions 3 Business Days Before Hearings

Roundtable on Municipal Broadband

Increase Mental Health Offerings

Free School Meals for All*

Expand Access to Free Menstrual Products* 

Improve DHSP After School Care Options

Support at the State House & Federal Level

Support for H. 3610: An act temporarily preventing firearm access for extremely dangerous or suicidal individuals

Support for S. 2306: An act to promote and enhance civic engagement

Support for H. 4159: Resolve creating a task force on sexual misconduct climate surveys for colleges and universities in Massachusetts*

State Budget line item 7002-0012: YouthWorks Youth Summer Jobs*

Advancing Homeless Issues Docket

Safe Staffing Levels at the Department of Public Utilities 

Support of HD2395: An act to further provide a rental arrearage program*

Advancing Homeless Issues Docket II

Supporting Legislation that Protects Children

Supporting Housing Legislation

Support for H1850: An act ensuring safe patient access to emergency care and H1346: Act act removing the liability cap for malpractice resulting in series injury or death*

Support for the Paycheck Fairness Act

Endorsing the American Housing and Economic Mobility Act

Support Increased State Funding to the Healthy Incentives Program (HIP)*

Endorsing H.1948 and S.1332: Out of Hospital Birth Access and Safety Net

Support for H.R. 2148: Be HEARD in the Workplace Act

City Council Support for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion

Council Support for H585 and S256An Act to Promote Student Nutrition

Support for H3116 and S2034: An Act Relative to Electric Foot Scooter Operating Requirements

Requesting to Purchase the Armory from the State

Support for S2552: An Act Relative to Automated Enforcement

Support for HD4935: An Act Providing for a Moratorium on Evictions and Foreclosures During the COVID-19 Emergency

Support for SD.2888: An Act Concerning Business Interruption Insurance*

Support for HD5054: An Act relative to restaurant delivery commissions during the COVID-19 state of emergency

Supporting Universal Mail-In Voting and HD5075: An Act ensuring safe and participatory 2020 state elections in response to COVID-19

Support for a Resolution Condemning Police Brutality

Support for HD.5128/SD2968: An Act relative to saving black lives and transforming public safety

Support for H.4878, the COVID-19 Housing Stability Act

Support for the Roe Act

Urging the Governor to Create a Common Application for SNAP*

Support for  HD.1161/SD.519, An Act Relative to Universal School Meals*

Support for HD.1158/SD.430, An Act to Lift Kids Out of Deep Poverty*  

Support for the FARE Act*

Supporting HD.3095/SD.2155: An Act improving emergency housing assistance for children and families experiencing homelessness

Supporting HD.1696: An Act promoting housing stability for families by strengthening the HomeBASE program

Support for H.3559, An Act Relative to Public Transit Electrification

Support for HD.3403 and SD.2340, An Act Relative to Fare Free Buses*

Support for HD.3457/SD.2309, An Act Relative to Electric Bicycles*

Support for the Restaurant Revitalization Fund Replenishment Act*

Condemning the Treatment of Haitian Immigrants in Texas

Debt-Free Public Higher Education

Opposition of HB 1234 and Proposed 2022 State Ballot Initiative

Support for the Fair Share Act

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Day of Action

Support for H.2088: An Act Relative to Preventing Overdose Deaths and Increasing Access to Treatment

Support for HD5394: Capping Tax Refunds

Support for HD.3530 and SD.1263: An Act Relative to Automated Enforcement*

Support for HD.766 and SD.1013: An Act Relative to Universal School Meals*

Support for HD.1312 and SD.856, An Act Providing Upstream Homelessness Prevention Assistance to Families, Youth, and Adults

Support for SD.487 and HD.829: An Act Relative to Pesticides


Do you have your own ideas for my agenda? Submit them here for consideration: