This page is a resource for all of my constituents to stay updated on my legislative agenda. Click on the issue area you’re interested in to see which orders I’ve brought before the Council. Click the individual links to read specific orders, and see updates on their progress through the City’s legislative process. Policy orders where I was the lead sponsor are marked with a star*.

Affordable Housing
Arts, Culture, and Central Square
Civic Unity
Complete Streets
Economic Development
Environment & Energy
Neighborhood Advocacy
Public Safety
Wrap-Around Services
Support at the State House

Support for H. 3610: An act temporarily preventing firearm access for extremely dangerous or suicidal individuals

Support for S. 2306: An act to promote and enhance civic engagement

Support for H. 4159: Resolve creating a task force on sexual misconduct climate surveys for colleges and universities in Massachusetts*

State Budget line item 7002-0012: YouthWorks Youth Summer Jobs*

Advancing Homeless Issues Docket

Safe Staffing Levels at the Department of Public Utilities 

Support of HD2395: An act to further provide a rental arrearage program*

Advancing Homeless Issues Docket II

Supporting Legislation that Protects Children

Supporting Housing Legislation

Support for H1850: An act ensuring safe patient access to emergency care and H1346: Act act removing the liability cap for malpractice resulting in series injury or death*

Support for the Paycheck Fairness Act

Endorsing the American Housing and Economic Mobility Act

Support Increased State Funding to the Healthy Incentives Program (HIP)*



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