Our shared goals for Cambridge:

There’s a saying that women’s work is often unseen, and that’s also true in government, where the substantive progress I’ve made comes from the painstaking, non-glamorous, behind-the-scenes work of bringing stakeholders to the table and building relationships between residents, City leaders, local businesses, nonprofits, and community partners. The work I have done throughout my first two terms has had an immediate and positive impact on our community, and as your City Councillor, I’ve had the privilege of seeing both the best our City has to offer and the unfinished work we need to do to overcome the urgent challenges our community faces. If elected to a third term, I will continue to put in the hard work of bringing the community together, having difficult but productive conversations, thinking critically, and taking action to get results. Below are a set of policy goals that I share with our community, and will continue to work on in my third term: